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Multicore Miniature Coaxial + Analogue Audio Hybrid Cable

Multicore Miniature Coaxial + Analogue Audio Hybrid Cable

Have you ever noticed the difference that cable types can make to a high resolution video image? This specific offshoot from our popular 5 channel video cable incorporates two balanced, Oxygen Free Copper, screened pairs, which can be used for audio, voice, signal, remote switching, data or VTR dub applications. Designed to be both flexible and small, it is very popular in RGB monitor, video wall and projector applications using BNC and 'D' connector interfaces.

The various permutations of coax or audio pair available can accomodate VGA, RGBHV, RGBS, composite, s-video, component, RS 232 etc.

Technical Specifications
Video Audio
Conductor1/0.35mm TCW Conductor7/0.20mm (0.22mm²) TCW
InsulationFoam polyethylene Insulation1.1mm O/D one Black one Red
ScreenTCW braid 95% coverage Drain wire7/0.20mm (0.22mm²) TCW
Impedance per core75 Ohm ScreenAluminium/polyester tape 100% coverage
Capacitance60 pF per metre JacketGrey PVC 3.2mm diameter
Attenuation @5 MHz4 dB/100m Capacitance90 pF per metre
 10 MHz7 dB/100m Conductor resistance79 Ohm/Km @ 20°C
 20 MHz9 dB/100m   
 30 MHz12 dB/100m Overall drain wire7/0.20mm (0.22mm²) TCW
Core jacketColoured PVC Overall screenAluminium/polyester tape 100% coverage
Core overall diameter2.6mm Overall sheathGrey ‘LOW SMOKE’ halogen free copolymer
Colour code1. Red2. Green Cable overall diameter10.80mm
 3. Blue4. Yellow Weight12 Kg per 100m
 5. Black Reel lengths100 metres and 500 metres as standard
Description      Metre:
100 500 1000 5000Qty
BD CMA52AMulticore 5 mini coax/2 analog audio cable 100M£3.51£3.19£2.93£2.70
BD CMA52CMulticore 5 mini coax/2 analog audio cable 500M£3.51£3.19£2.93£2.70
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