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6 way SDV Coaxial Connector

6 way SDV Coaxial Connector

Designed for use with our BD SD061 multicore Serial Digital Video Cable, these MIL-C 5015, reverse bayonet locking rugged connectors are ideal for use on outside broadcasts and concerts where there is a requirement for multiple video feeds. They offer a cost effective and more resilient alternative to looms terminated with individual BNC connectors.

Each connector is supplied with six, custom designed, 75 ohm coaxial video connectors and one blanking plug (which can be replaced with an extra coaxial contact, available separately, enabling it's use with seven channels of our eight core cable).

The Black anodised shells are available as plugs and sockets in both cable and panel varieties. The cable mount connectors are fitted with a spiral strain relief gland and when coupled (either with their mating connector or with their respective dust cap) they are environmentally sealed and have a temperature range of -55°c to +125°c.

Description      Each:
1 5 10Qty
BD 6SDCP6 Way SDV coaxial cable plug£148.15£136.76£126.99
BD 6SDCS6 Way SDV coaxial cable socket£141.38£130.51£121.18
BD 6SDDCPDust cap for 6SD plug£15.97£14.74£13.68
BD 6SDDCSDust cap for 6SD socket£14.54£13.41£12.46
BD 6SDPP6 Way SDV coaxial panel plug£131.98£121.82£113.13
BD 6SDPS6 Way SDV coaxial panel socket£106.16£97.99£90.99
BD 6SDSCPSpare contact for 6SD plug£14.25£13.16£12.21
BD 6SDSCSSpare contact for 6SD socket£12.71£11.73£10.89
BD 6SDTE6SD contact extraction tool£106.52£98.33£91.31
BD 6SDTGP6SD contact guide pin (plug)£20.46£18.88£17.54
BD 6SDTI6SD contact insertion tool£106.52£98.33£91.31
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