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Overall Screened Multicore Data Cables

Overall Screened Multicore Data CablesThis series of cable is suitable for most communication and control circuits. It offers good screening characteristics and good flexibility.
Technical Specifications
Conductor size7/0.2mm tinned copper
Current rating1 Amp
Voltage rating440V A/C rms at 1600 Hz
Resistance92 Ohm/Km
Capacitance108 pF per metre
ScreenLaminated foil tape with 7/0.2mm tinned copper drain wire
StyleDEF standard 61/12 part 4 foil screen
JacketGrey PVC
 Part No.Overall diameterWeight per 100 metres
 BD 1804A5.6mm3.0 Kg
 BD 1808A5.8mm5.0 Kg
 BD 1812A6.6mm8.0 Kg
 BD 1818A7.5mm10.0 Kg
 BD 1825A8.5mm12.5 Kg

Cut lengths supplied in multiples of 100 metres.

Description      Metre:
100 500 1000Qty
BD 1804A4 conductor cable 100M£0.39£0.36£0.34
BD 1808A8 conductor cable 100M£0.78£0.72£0.66
BD 1812A12 conductor cable 100M£0.80£0.74£0.68
BD 1818A18 conductor cable 100M£1.07£0.99£0.92
BD 1825A25 conductor cable 100M£0.86£0.79£0.74
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