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Belden 7987R Brilliance® VideoTwist® NanoSkew™ UTP Cable

Belden 7987R Brilliance® VideoTwist® NanoSkew™ UTP Cable

For 'intelligent' premises installations, rather than HDTV, Belden® Brilliance® VideoTwist™ UTP Cables offer superior Low skew performance for component video applications, plus they adhere to applicable TIA/EIA Category Standards. Today's high-resolution video displays require high performance cables that exhibit low signal skew and low return loss. Increasingly, system designers are turning to unshielded twisted pair (UTP) transmission equipment to distribute component RGB video due to UTP's economy over coax. The use of UTP cables also allows for the facility owner to use the same cable for premise LAN wiring, eliminating the need for two separate cables.

Component RGB video systems transmit each component of a video signal, i.e., red, green and blue, through separate cables. Such transmissions require that each signal arrive at the video display at the same time in order to produce a sharp and clear video image. UTP cables, by design, have different twist lengths for each pair, which means that each pair has a different physical length. This difference in length causes a signal delay difference from pair to pair, which is known as skew. The resulting skew limits the overall transmission distance of the UTP cable. The higher the skew, the shorter the distance.

For this reason, most UTP cables are limited to transmission distances of 100 to 180 metres, unless costly skew compensation equipment is utilized. Belden's new VideoTwist UTP cables can extend video transmission distances out to 395 metres and beyond, depending on transmission equipment parameters. Cable return loss is another electrical component that can affect both video quality and transmission distance. Poor cable return loss can cause picture quality problems such as ghosting, poor pixel alignment and picture sharpness. VideoTwist's superior return loss performance minimizes these problems, ensuring the best video quality possible. Brilliance VideoTwist Low Skew UTP cables perform reliably when used in component video displays, standard premise Ethernet installations and blade edge computing/KVM applications.

Bryant Unlimited stock Belden's 7987R cable as standard. The other cables are available to order. Please contact our sales department for availability and price.

  1. Brilliance VideoTwist NanoSkew™ 7987R and 7987P utilise unbonded pairs and provide the best low skew characteristics and the longest video transmission capabilities, making these cables ideal for high-performance, video-only transmissions.
  2. Brilliance VideoTwist 7988R and 7988P utilise Bonded-Pairs and can be used for component video, data and KVM applications. These cables provide high-resolution video, plus they meet all the data transmission requirements of the TIA/EIA Category 5e Standard.
  3. Brilliance VideoTwist 7989R and 7989P utilize Bonded-Pairs and provide the same exceptional video performance as Brilliance VideoTwist 7988 for component video, data and KVM, plus they meet all the data transmission requirements of the TIA/EIA Category 6 Standard.

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7987RPV 4DBelden 7987R Brilliance® VideoTwist® NanoSkew™ UTP Cable (305M)£1.01£0.92£0.84£0.78
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