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Belden Brilliance® DigiTruck® 179DT Miniature Coax for Outside Broadcast Trucks

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Belden Brilliance® DigiTruck® 179DT Miniature Coax for Outside Broadcast Trucks

Belden Brilliance® DigiTruck® 179DT lightweight RG-179 Type 75-ohm coaxial cable is designed for use in analogue, SDI, HD video and AES/EBU digital audio transmissions. Specifically designed for use in broadcast production trucks, this new coax weighs 60% less than standard Mini RG-59/U type cables. This weight saving can significantly reduce the weight of on-road trucks and help lower fuel costs.

Brilliance® DigiTruck® 179DT Coax has a guaranteed return loss of 21dB (minimum) and is sweep tested to 3 GHz. This mimics the return loss performance of Belden's most popular Brilliance® precision video cables, providing 6dB of RL headroom against the SMPTE 292M specification. 179DT features a highly crush-resistant, foamed high-density polyethylene (FHDPE) dielectric to help ensure the durability of the cable ¯ a particularly important characteristic for use on television broadcast trucks.

DigiTruck® 179DT has a foil/braid shield that consists of a unique lightly.bonded Duobond® tape that can either be left bonded to the insulation to simplify termination with one-piece connectors or removed for use with multi-piece designs.

Technical Specification
Conductor 0.31mm bare copper wire
Dielectric Gas-injected foam high density polyethylene
Shield material trade name Duobond®
Inner screen Aluminium/polyester tape
Outer screen TCW braid 95% coverage
Impedance 75 Ohm
Capacitance nominal 57.09 pF per metre
Velocity of propagation 77%
Nominal delay 4.331 ns per metre
Inner conductor 354.348 Ohms/Km
Outer conductor (screen) 29.201 Ohms/Km
Jacket material PVC
Overall diameter 2.54mm
Max reel length 305 metres
Weight 1.2Kg per 100m
Attenuation @ 71.5 MHz 19.6 dB/100m
  88.5 MHz 21.7 dB/100m
  135.0 MHz 25.8 dB/100m
  180.0 MHz 29.3 dB/100m
  270.0 MHz 35.4 dB/100m
  750.0 MHz 60.0 dB/100m
  1500.0 MHz 86.3 dB/100m
  2250.0 MHz 107.6 dB/100m
  3000.0 MHz 125.7 dB/100m

Supplied on 305 metre drums only.

Description      Metre:
100 500 1000 5000Qty
BCDT 179DTBelden 179DT DigiTruck® HDTV cable Black (305M)£1.46£1.33£1.22£1.12
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