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Belden Brilliance® 1305A CatSnake™ Tactical Heavy Duty CAT5e Cable

Belden Brilliance® 1305A CatSnake™ Tactical Heavy Duty CAT5e Cable

These Category 5e UTP cables are extremely rugged and utilize Belden's patented Bonded-Pair design. For use in patching Ethernet or digital audio/video formats utilizing Cat 5e-type cable, they can be used in high traffic areas in a broadcast studio, or in any type of tactical field deployable audio/video installation.


Bonded-Pair Design Means Superior, Installable Performance®


The consistency of a UTP cable can determine its transmission distance. Physical characteristics, such as the cable's conductor-to-conductor spacing relationship, may affect how far a signal can be carried at a given frequency without excessive attenuation due to return loss.

Normal Cat5e cables tend to gap during the flexing, coiling, handling and normal use. These gaps typically create an impedance mismatch. CatSnake™ Bonded-Pair Cat 5e Audio cables maintain their impedance and Return Loss performance when flexed and handled in rugged, harsh environments. Belden's patented design bonds the individual insulated conductors together along the full length of the cable. The cable therefore exhibits a uniform conductor-to-conductor spacing relationship along its longitudinal axis, which in turn assures consistent impedance characteristics.


Rugged, Portable Performance


To further ensure the ruggedness, portability, survivability and re-useability of these cables, Belden has either a heavy jacket wall version for medium duty applications or an upjacketed version for the harshest heavy-duty environments (Product Nos. 1304A and 1305A, respectively). To make them flexible, these cables have stranded (7x32) conductors and matte-finished Belflex® jackets. These cables also pass the UL 1581 -40°C Cold Bend test and are RJ 45 and Neutrik EtherCon® compatible.


Construction Details


CatSnake™ Product Nos. 1304A and 1305A feature Bonded-Pair unshielded twisted pairs (UTPs) with 24 AWG stranded bare copper conductors and polyolefin insulation. The matte-finished jackets are constructed of Belflex with rip cords for easy jacket removal.

Bryant Unlimited stock 1305A. 1304A is available to order.

Technical Specifications
  BCDT 1304A BCDT 1305A
Conductor 7/32awg 7/32awg
Insulation Polyolefin Polyolefin
Overall diameter 6.22mm 7.49mm
Jacket material Flexible PVC Flexible PVC
Impedance @ 1 to 100 MHz 100 ± 15 Ohm 100 ± 15 Ohm
Attenuation @ 1.00 MHz 2.4 dB/100m 2.4 dB/100m
  4.00 MHz 4.9 dB/100m 4.9 dB/100m
  8.00 MHz 6.9 dB/100m 6.9 dB/100m
  10.00 MHz 7.8 dB/100m 7.8 dB/100m
  16.00 MHz 9.9 dB/100m 9.9 dB/100m
  25.00 MHz 12.5 dB/100m 12.5 dB/100m
  31.25 MHz 14.1 dB/100m 14.1 dB/100m
  62.50 MHz 20.4 dB/100m 20.4 dB/100m
  100.00 MHz 26.4 dB/100m 26.4 dB/100m
Weight 12.6 Kg per reel 18.1 Kg per reel
Standard reel size 305 metres

Supplied on 305M reels only.

Description      Metre:
305 610 1525 3050Qty
1305APV 0DBelden 1305A Tactical field-deployable Cat5e cable (305M)£2.00£1.92£1.84£1.77
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