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14 Outlet Dual Input Changeover Mains Distribution Units with GPIO interface

Made in UK by Bryant Unlimited

14 Outlet Dual Input Changeover MainsDistribution Units with GPIO interface

The Bryant ARU 214P mains distribution unit is a drop-in replacement for an Audionics ACO-MDU-12, offering the same 20A or 32A (fused to 16A) front panel powerCON inlets with 14 outlets fused at 6.3A (10A max) rather than Audionics' 12 IEC outlets. Pin compatible GPIO interface is via a rear D9 connector with an additional D9 connector for serial diagnostic information. Inrush limiting and changeover topology is Bryant's design proven since 2000.

A front panel momentary push button switch with hinged finger guard allows manual selection of the required input, with automatic changeover should the selected input become unavailable. Front panel LEDs indicate the supply status and selected input. Individual channel LEDs show the output and fuse status.

GPIO connector has dry relay contacts which mimic the front panel input status LEDS and single relays to indicate any fuse failure and fault. Additionally there is an opto isolated remote input to activate the changeover.

A front panel designation strip and rear tiebar are fitted as standard.

Please Note: These units are designed for EU mains or similar, 220-240VAC +/-10% with neutral and earth nominally at the same potential. They are not for use on lower mains voltages, for example 100-120VAC, although custom builds are possible for larger orders. The units should never be used on rare 'balanced' mains where live and neutral are centred on earth, L/N measuring similar voltages to earth. Balanced mains requires fusing in both live and neutral distribution.
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ARU 214P214 way dual 20A input mains unit with GPIO interface£530.00
ARU 214P314 way dual 32A input (16A max) mains unit with GPIO interface£554.94
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