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90 pin EDAC, 26 pairs, 4024 OFC plus 2 x single pair


90 way EDAC pin out using 4024 OFC cable
Pair Scrn Cold Hot
  Pin Colour Pin Colour Pin
1 A Black B Red C
2 H Black J Red K
3 R Black S Red T
4 X Black Y Red Z
5 AE Black AF Red AH
6 AM Black AN Red AP
7 BJ Black BK Red BL
8 BS Black BT Red BU
9 BY Black BZ Red CA
10 CF Black CH Red CJ
11 CN Black CP Red CR
12 CW Black CX Red CY
13 D Black E Red F
14 M Black N Red P
15 U Black V Red W
16 AB Black AC Red AD
17 AJ Black AK Red AL
18 AS Black AT Red AU
19 BN Black BP Red BR
20 BV Black BW Red BX
21 CC Black CD Red CE
22 CK Black CL Red CM
23 CT Black CU Red CV
24 CZ Black DA Red DB
25 BD Black AZ Red AV
26 BE Black BA Red AW
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