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90 pin EDAC, 24 pairs, DMP 25

90 way EDAC pin out using DMP 25 cable
Pair Scrn Cold Hot
  Pin Colour Pin Colour Pin
1   Blue/White B White/Blue C
2   Orange/White J White/Orange K
3   Green/White S White/Green T
4   Brown/White Y White/Brown Z
5   Grey/White AF White/Grey AH
6   Blue/Red AN Red/Blue AP
7   Orange/Red BK Red/Orange BL
8   Green/Red BT Red/Green BU
9   Brown/Red BZ Red/Brown CA
10   Grey/Red CH Red/Grey CJ
11   Blue/Black CP Black/Blue CR
12   Orange/Black CX Black/Orange CY
13   Green/Black E Black/Green F
14   Brown/Black N Black/Brown P
15   Grey/Black V Black/Grey W
16   Blue/Yellow AC Yellow/Blue AD
17   Orange/Yellow AK Yellow/Orange AL
18   Green/Yellow AT Yellow/Green AU
19   Brown/Yellow BP Yellow/Brown BR
20   Grey/Yellow BW Yellow/Grey BX
21   Blue/Violet CD Violet/Blue CE
22   Orange/Violet CL Violet/Orange CM
23   Green/Violet CU Violet/Green CV
24   Brown/Violet DA Violet/Brown DB
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