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MIL 26 & 41 to XLR 'Break Out' Cables (Flails)

MIL 26 & 41 to XLR 'Break Out' Cables (Flails)These assemblies are manufactured using MIL 26 and 41 connectors, STJ 08 & STJ 12 cable and Neutrik XLR connectors with colour coded boots. The cable assemblies are broken out 0.5 metre from the end of the assembly (half metre tail) and sleeved accordingly. All assemblies are supplied with gaiters.
Description      Each:
1 10 25Qty
26F 8F02MMIL 26 female/8 XLR female 2M£151.66£139.63£129.37
26F 8F03MMIL 26 female/8 XLR female 3M£157.96£145.42£134.73
26F 8F05MMIL 26 female/8 XLR female 5M£170.58£157.05£145.49
26F 8M02MMIL 26 female/8 XLR male 2M£148.40£136.63£126.59
26F 8M03MMIL 26 female/8 XLR male 3M£154.71£142.44£131.97
26F 8M05MMIL 26 female/8 XLR male 5M£167.32£154.05£142.73
26M 8F02MMIL 26 male/8 XLR female 2M£150.24£138.32£128.14
26M 8F03MMIL 26 male/8 XLR female 3M£156.55£144.14£133.54
26M 8F05MMIL 26 male/8 XLR female 5M£169.16£155.73£144.28
26M 8M02MMIL 26 male/8 XLR male 2M£146.99£135.31£125.37
26M 8M03MMIL 26 male/8 XLR male 3M£153.30£141.13£130.75
26M 8M05MMIL 26 male/8 XLR male 5M£165.90£152.73£141.50
41F XF02MMIL 41 female/12 XLR female 2M£210.80£194.08£179.81
41F XF03MMIL 41 female/12 XLR female 3M£218.92£201.54£186.72
41F XF05MMIL 41 female/12 XLR female 5M£235.06£216.41£200.50
41F XM02MMIL 41 female/12 XLR male 2M£205.97£189.61£175.67
41F XM03MMIL 41 female/12 XLR male 3M£214.03£197.04£182.56
41F XM05MMIL 41 female/12 XLR male 5M£230.17£211.92£196.32
41M XF02MMIL 41 male/12 XLR female 2M£194.00£178.61£165.47
41M XF03MMIL 41 male/12 XLR female 3M£202.08£186.04£172.36
41M XF05MMIL 41 male/12 XLR female 5M£218.22£200.90£186.12
41M XM02MMIL 41 male/12 XLR male 2M£189.12£174.10£161.31
41M XM03MMIL 41 male/12 XLR male 3M£197.20£181.54£168.19
41M XM05MMIL 41 male/12 XLR male 5M£213.33£196.40£181.96
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